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Top Trumps: Space

by Simon Guerrier

Take off on a voyage through the mysteries of the cosmos with this eye-opening new edition of Top Trumps: Space Exploration. Discover thirty of the most amazing natural and man-made space phenomena the universe has to offer as you battle it out for the title of Top Trump.

With cards about the Apollo 11 Mission, Halley’s Comet and the Lunar Rover, you will learn about the wonders of the Solar System and beyond. Choose from categories including Temperature, Beauty, Speed and Size as you battle it out with planets, spacecraft and more. Will Discovery Space Shuttle’s size blast you to victory? Will the regulated temperature inside the MIR space station give you a comfortable lead? (And is Pluto even really a planet?) Each card features some stunning artwork and a detailed bio to tell you everything you need to know about the incredible galaxy we inhabit, so strap on your helmet, shuffle your cards and get ready for lift-off!

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