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About Simon


Simon Guerrier is a writer and sometime producer. He's the creator of the science-fiction series Graceless, and author of countless Doctor Who books, audio plays, comic strips and documentaries, and has also written books and audio plays for Sherlock Holmes, Blake's 7, Primeval, Robin Hood and Sapphire and Steel, as well as co-writing a book on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Simon has written a number of acclaimed short films and has various TV and film projects in development.

As a producer, Simon has made documentaries for BBC Radio 3 and is currently overseeing two Doctor Who adventures starring Tom Baker. Simon has been a regular writer on titles ranging from Horrible Histories Magazine to medical journal The Lancet, and was for 13 years a reporter for Hansard in the House of Lords. He has been a guest on Front Row and The Infinite Monkey Cage for BBC Radio 4, and has given talks at venues ranging from the the National Portrait Gallery to the Blue Dot science festival at Jodrell Bank.


His Latest Work

Here is what Simon has been up to most recently…


Celebrating the life of Doctor Who's first story editor


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"[The Pirate Loop is] clever, funny, thoughtful and silly, and loads of other good words. But the one that sums it up best is this: brilliant.

Doctor Who Magazine

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